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Telephone Wiki is a Source for Information regarding Telephone Systems and telephone communication platforms as well as methods used in the telecommunications industry. The information contriubuted is provided by qualified professionals in the office telephone industry.

Telephone System:

A Telephone System is by it's nature a electronic system used to bring together telephone circuits and telephone handsets into a useful mechanism businesses and organizations may use to communicate over distances or internally. Communications is a key element of any office telephone system often these are described generally as () different main types. [a] A traditional PBX, [b] IP PBX, [c] Line Telephone Systems, Hybrid PBX, [d] Cloud Telephone System, or [e] Line Telephone Systems and [f] home office line telephone systems.

What are the major functions of a Telephone System?

By its nature a "telephone system" is a combination of basic features as well as the ability to place and receive calls. These telephone system features most often include the bare minimum of [1] Ringing when a caller dials a users number [2] the ability to hold the call at the extension that answers the call [3] having a group or all the phones ring.

Features of a basic Telephone System:

  • To place outgoing calls by dialing to an external number
  • To receive an incoming call from an external number
  • To Ring when a call is place to a number
  • To hold a call at the phone which received the call
  • To have all or a group of phones ring on incoming calls

A more complete PBX, IP PBX, Cloud Telephone Systems or Line Telephone System often have from [8] to [46] features

Uses and Other Topics Related to Telephone Systems

  • Telephone Operation and Proper Telephone Call Handling
  • History of the Telephone
  • Telemarketing with a Telephone System
  • Customer Service and The Telephone Call
  • The Role of Phones in Today's Organizations
  • Brands of Telephone Systems
  • Telephone System Support
  • Telephone System Repair
  • How to use your Telephone System
  • Telephone System Trouble Shooting

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